Open 7400 Logic Competition: I Won a Prize!

I awoke one morning recently to check my email and find out that I was a prize winner in the Open 7400 competition. I came equal third, a result shared with 21 others. There were some very fine entries in this competition and some very fine prizes to match. An interesting facet of being a prize-winner in this competition was that I could choose the prize I wanted.

I opted for a Freetronics pack containing an EtherTen, an LCD shield, and a terminal shield:

So far I’ve only managed to have a quick play. This is my first time experimenting with the Arduino platform; to date I had done all my microcontroller projects from scratch. I must say that I’m very impressed so far with the ease and convenience of this approach.

Many thanks to Dangerous Prototypes and Freetronics.

You can check out my contest entry here.